Frequently Asked Questions: Animals

What animals do you have? 

Furry Friends Forever Rescue try to save animals in every shape and size! We currently work with dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs who are in foster homes from Liverpool to Kiama NSW.


Do you want to surrender your animal? 

Sometimes things happen and you need to rehome your beloved animal. We can help! Lots of our animals in care have come from being surrendered to us and we then find them a new forever home after being in foster care. This can be better option than free on websites or taking your animal to the pound. Please contact us and see how we can help 


How do I Apply to adopt an animal?  

So the most suited home will be chosen for the animal, so all potential adopters are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form . We ask you fill in with as much detail as possible


Why is there a form to complete to adopt? 

Our animals are not given to the first person, but only the most suited home for the animals individual needs and requirements. This form tells us a bit about your family and the new life the animal may have. We ask you complete with as much detail as possible. 


What if I am not contacted about my application? 

We try to reply to every enquiry and application for every animal. Sometime we are inundated with applications and we have a tough time choosing the most suitable home. If you are not chosen, it does not mean you will not make a great home for a pet, the right one is out there for you!

How often do you have animals?  

There are ALWAYS animals that need our help! Our animals come from local pounds, shelters or are surrendered to us due to a range of reasons. 


Do you have a trial period?  

If you are selected to come and meet the animal and choose to adopt, FFFR offer a two trial period with your pet. We hope in this time the adopted animal settles into your home and family. It is within this time that the animal can be returned if it is not working out. 


What do the animals do in a foster home?

Each animals is surrounded with the love they deserve in a foster home as well as basic training, socialization with children and possibly other species/breeds of animals. In a foster home we prepare them for their future forever families. We believe animals are better to be in a foster home than at the pound or shelter. 


What does the adoption fee cover?  

The adoption fee covers the cost of Desexing,  Vaccination,  Flea treatment, Worming treatment,  Microchipping,  Full vet health check but It also helps us with the cost of food, toys, bedding ect for our animals while they are in foster care. 


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